About Us

Chuck and Candy Van Duzer started Xanadu Kennels in 1992 after breeding Golden Retrievers for a dozen years.

When our foundation Golden bitch, was put down as a result of cancer, we decided to look into a different breed without the potential cancer and other health problems many Goldens may have. We knew how wonderful Chesapeakes were and acquired Shelby, our founder. We are now one of the largest breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in the South.

Shelby begat Ruby who in turn begot six champions, several excellent hunting dogs and all told, a total of thirty-nine magnificent companions. Ruby’s offsprings have in turn had our 3rd generation of puppies. We now have 6 generations of chessies; working on 7!  8 years to new born. All our dogs spend their time having fun, training, swimming and enjoying life.

Our fourth generation arrived in the fall of 2002. Out of fifteen puppies, nine have confirmation points. Six of the offsprings have become confirmation champions. The first of our fifth generation arrived in the spring of 2006. and more in 2007. We had two litters June, 2008 and 4 more late 2008. We out breed as much as possible; trying for that “perfect chessie”.Indy produce our 1st 6th generation offspring spring, 2/11. Calli produced our first 7th generation litter in June, 2013. Our breeding program has surpassed our expectations.

Sound dogs, proper in all respects with great temperaments; those are the straightforward breeding guidelines we have employed with success. We breed for the original colors: shades of brown, sedge and an occasional dead grass. Candy is an official “mentor” for the AKC and will also be a mentor for the parent club, American Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club. A mentor must qualify by having at least 10 years of breeding and showing the breed, making champions, etc. A mentor schools prospective judges for the AKC at dog shows and discusses the breed with these people as the dogs are showing. A mentor points out different things about the dogs in the ring; both positive and negative. This way they have an idea what the AKC is looking for in a champion.

Our goldens are of the same quality as our chessies. These are truly people dogs, not guard dogs. They are sweet and loving and are easy to train. Our line is free of cancer and thyroid problems; these two medical issues, especially cancer can be the demise of almost 80% of all goldens, even at a young age. Most goldens also have thyroid problems that can be treated with medication. Our goldens have neither; something you should know before investing in a quality dog.

All our dogs are current with inoculations and are insect free. They all have swim time and are exercised. With as many dogs as we have, including pops, we have a vet on call to come to us for any wide spread problems. We also us a local vet for single dog issues and all our breeding and puppy issue are done by specialists. We take pride in our dogs’ conditioning and health.

Pictures of all of our champions are available elsewhere in the site.

For those of you new to Chessies, we encourage you to read “Is a Chessie for me?” If still interested we suggest The New Complete Chesapeake Bay Retriever, by Janet and Dr. Daniel Horn as an excellent reference book on the breed. It has been out of publication for years but may be available on Amazon; mostly used.


As  far as Goldens go, there are many excellent books on the breed or get more information at www.akc.org.  A Golden is for all people who like large dogs that can adapt to any living arrangement and don’t mind a little hair. They are a great “1st” dog, a great family dog and companion dog that will enrich anyone’s lives.


Our kennel holds 20 large dogs. It is heated and air conditioned with inside and outside runs. We have exercise yards. All the fencing around the dog facilities are 6 foot commercial chain link set in cement; no digging out. We live on 12 heavily wooded acres with lots of wild life. Our home is about 50 yards from the kennel and directly east with cameras and clear views of everything. With space available, we will board our own dogs with proper vet records.

We welcome inquiries about upcoming breedings, and accept deposits anytime for future litters. The deposits are good until you find the right dog for your needs.

Frequently we have older dogs available.

Stud service is available, subject to our review of the bitch’s bloodline, OFA, CERF, PRA, DM, EIC, cardiac and thyroid status. Sometimes not all tests are required, but preferred.

We have a special whelping room in our home where all our pups stay for at least until they are weaned. After that, they stay in the house until after they have their first inoculations, then they will have some outside play time, weather permitting. Our pups stay in the house until they go to their new homes. This way our pups are protected and we have never had a incidence of Parvo, kennel cough or any other threatening condition.

Pups are socialized from the very beginning and after their eyes open our 5 grandchildren are allowed to play with them after they have been “disinfected” (the kids)!

Pups that are kept for our observation longer are then crate trained, get basic obedience and start housebreaking. Some we send for hunt training, others go in the conformation ring and others are sold as young trained house dogs.


We sell our pups with hips, heart and eye guarantees and sell with a contract. We look for the best possible homes available for our pups and like to meet the entire family before we decide if they are the right people for this breed. Many of our sales come from repeat clients and referrals. Most of our pups go to homes as companion/hunt dogs and many of these people have young children. Chessies and Goldens love kids; at least ours do.

Call us anytime for questions or make an appointment to visit us. We always have time for those interested in this wonderful breed.

Pictures of our kennel and pool. Yes, they get to swim, jump off the waterfall and some go down the slide!