Jun 10 2013

2 litters on 6/7/13.

We have 14 new pups; born 6/7/13. 6  males and 8 females. Mom, Indy was expected; her daughter Calli delivered on the same day about 12 hours apart! They are all beautiful. Great pedigrees, beautiful coats and an array of colors. Pictures will be posted under “dogs for sale” in the next day or two.

Get your deposits in. Questions? Call Candy at 281-794-7878. These babies won’t last long and what a selection.

As an added surprise Xanadu Star of India “Indy” got her championship just 2 weeks before she had her pups. Of course we had to tell the judges that she was not plump but pregnant!

See the pups here!

May 13 2013

New champion…pups coming 6/7

Xanadu has a new champion! CH Xanadu Star of India. (Indy) will be a new mom 6/7. Pregnancy confirmed. Pups should be real winners with great dispositions. Get your deposits in before they are all gone. Indy will be x-rayed on or about 6/4/13 for the count. 

We are very excited about this litter and expect it to be beautiful pups with lots of personality and wonderful dispositions. Parent have all clearances. Pups are guaranteed.

Apr 01 2013

New Champion!!! Majors!!! Points!!!

We have a new champion… CH Xanadu Mercedes Benz It Like Beckham. “Sadie” finished her Championship in San Antonio in March, 2013. Sadie will work on her Grand Champion points until she is bred in August, 2013.

Xanadu Star of India (Indy) got a major in San Antonio as well. She needs any major to finish! Indy was bred April 5th and 7th, 2013, to CH Rooster Cogburn. Puppies expected around the middle of June.

Keeping up with the Xanadu dogs, Xanadu Knight Wind (Gus) also got a Major in San Antonio. He will finish during the summer and be added to our studs.

We will start some new young dogs shortly. Look out…Xanadu is in the “game” again.

Xanadu Valkyrie Swan Maiden (Kara) has started on her JH title. We hope to have it finished by 5/13. Kara will be one of the new girls to go into the conformation ring.

Jul 14 2012

Some pups have gone

The weather is much warmer now; I think they call it summer. The lady takes us in the water; lots of fun. Some of the fluffy yellow pups have gone. I wonder what happens when they disappear? The dark wooly pups are now very big. The lady keeps talking about “the national”; I wonder what that is. There are some light colored pups that look a lot like me, but I am darker. I live in the big building with the lady and man. The lady plays with me, throws soft things and I sit and bring them back to her. I wonder why? I get to go out with 2 yellow fluffy pups and sometimes one that looks like me. We have a good time in the water and a hole has been dug that we can play hide-and-go-seek. I wonder how that got there? It seems to be growing. We have a great life and love our people, especially the smaller ones that the lady calls “her grandkids”.

Apr 15 2012

Lots of puppies for sale; goldens and chessies, males and females

Still looking for qualified buyers for chessies, 5 and 6 months old. These are real beauties and ready for training. The goldens are 6 months as well and are just right to go to new homes. Everyone swims and has a good time. If yoou think you can provide the perfect home for these pups, give us a call. 281-794-7878

Apr 15 2012

Marylu, Mariah, Daphne and Dallas for sale!

Because of recent Texas State laws governing the amout of breedable females allowed, these 4 beauties are for sale. Marlu is a champion, Mariah has a couple points, Daphne is a champion and Dallas has half her points. Dallas has already been spayed. Marylu is about 4 years old, very friendly and well trained, loves kids. Mariah is about 3 years old,  sweet, good with kids, but would be better in a home with a male; she’s a bit snippy with females. Daphne is almost 8, great with everyone and would make a good companion dog. Dallas is probably the sweetest girl I’ve ever had; love all people, dogs and kids and is definitely a house dog. None of these dogs are outside dogs; they’re spoiled. There may be another 1 or 2 girls available that are younger. Those mentioned above are all chessies, but I may have to find a home for 1 or 2 goldens. We are crushed because of this law and need to reduce the number of females before 9/12/12. All these dogs are sound with great temperaments; all AKC registered with great pedigrees. We hope to find wonderful homes for my special, sweet girls. They are young enough to learn to hunt properly and would make great additions to any home. Call us if you think you could provide the right home and need more information. Pricing will be far below what we typically charge to the right families.  281-794-7878

Feb 01 2012

Update on what’s going on with dogs

So much has happened since the “crash”. We decided to keep a male and female out of Lauren’s litter; Sydney and Gus.  Sydney looks just like mom and gus has his dad’s size, but still resembles Lauren, kind of a mixture. How lucky can you get! We also had 2  litters 9 hours  apart! The goldens came first on Dec. 21, then 9 hours later, Freya started having her pups. What an interesting 2 days. So we had 10 beautiful golden pups and 9 chessie pups of various colors. Go to “Dogs for Sale” for more info and pictures. A third litter, out of Indy and Cutter, were born 1/26/12; 3 males and 3 females, all fat and sassy. All 3 males were dead grass ; the females were brown, sedge and a reddish-brown, all cuties. We kept 1 of each because of their excellent pedigree. 2 males remain for sale. Dead grass is a difficult color to come by and these guys are beauties.

3 more litters are planned for breedind in August, 2012. Lauren will be bred to Chesabars, True Grit; Sadie will be bred to Rooster; Coco will be bred to Oz. All these breeding will be magnificent. Pairings will be posted shortly, look under “Upcoming Litters”.