These are just some of the champions we have bred and owned.



CH Xanadu Ravin’ Houston

Houston acquired his championship with a 5 point major in San Antonio 3/10/06. Houston has turned into a very substantial dog. He has a great disposition, very laid back.

Houston is out of CH Xanadu Ruby’s Ripley Believe It and CH Flying “B” Jumping Jack JH. This mating produced beautiful, sound dogs with great hunting abilities. Houston has a large deep chest and wonderful hind quarters. He’s got a thick, dense coat.

Houston is medium reddish brown in color, weighs about 80 pounds and is about 25″ at the withers. Born August, 2004, he will only get better.

Houston is also sire to our first all Xanadu litter with Ramona. He will start on his championship career in April. We expect good things from Houston.

Houston was awarded a Costa Rican championship in the early summer, 2006. Then in November, 2006, he got his Mexican championship and Pan American championship and needs only one more leg for his International Championship.

Houston is OFA excellent! He also has all his clearances.


CH Ozymandias Reigns

Oz finished his championship September, 2006. He’s a big boy, born Fall, 2004. He is the son of Ivy and Chesabars My Buoy.

Oz has a beautiful head and lots of bone, weighing in at 80 pounds, he’ll probably top out at 85 pounds, maybe a little more. He’s the same color as his Mom, Ivy, a rich mahogany brown.

Oz will be a special in 2007, along with Houston. He will be added to our stud program and is OFA good or better.

Oz has lots of energy, is very protective and loves the ladies, both 2 and 4 footed ones. Oz is a clown at heart, a real pussy cat.

CH Xanadu Wing-Ding Ramona (2002 – 2010)

Ramona finished her championship in July, 2006. Born fall, 2002, she is a lovely sedge (red) marbled, 70 pound bitch with a very sweet disposition. She is the daughter of Ivy and Tarquin.

Ramona produced our all Xanadu litter in March, 2006. She had 7 great pups, 2 females and 5 males. Ramona is an easy going girl with a lot of twinkle in her eyes. She is well balanced and likes to play with her sister, Dina. We feel that she will make a good brood bitch. Her pups are exquisite.

We lost Ramona from bloat 9/4; we will miss her. She was a great dog and mom and loved everyone.


CH Xanadu Daphne Forest Nymph (retired)

Daphne finished her championship with back to back majors at the Reliant Show, July, 2006. She is the Daughter of Ivy and CH Chesabars My Buoy, born fall, 2004. She is a warm brown bitch.

Daphne is back at the kennels permanently and will be up to par shortly. Daphne is a long legged beauty with great side movement and a happy disposition. As she matures, she looks more like her mom, Ivy. We expect to breed Daphne sometime in 2010. We feel she’ll just get better  like fine wine.


CH Ruby Begonia the Petite (1995 – 2008)

Ruby was is our first brood bitch. Born to Shelby in 1995, she is a big girl who has produced many champions.

Ruby finished her championship at 6 1/2 years of age; a late bloomer, after 4 litters. She loved her pups and was an exceptional mom. She has an enormous coat, beautiful head and wonderful disposition.

She still swims with her mom Shelby, daily.

We lost Ruby right after Thanksgiving, 2008. She was truly what made our dogs great. We will miss her.

CH Xanadu’s Topaz Jumpin’ Jack Flash(retired)

“Mic” is our first male champion. Born October, 2001, out of CH Ruby Begonia the Petite and CH Sandy oak Ozark Lincoln, he is a dark reddish brown, compact, weighing 80 lbs.

Mic has a wonderful disposition, has been hunt trained and loves the water and retrieving.

He is a well balanced dog and a real joy. Mic has good angulations , is strong on his feet, and is available for stud.

Mic is at home with his new family and Ariel. He and Ariel play and swim. How lucky they are to be with Sherry, Melvin and Alex.


CH Xanadu Solid Gold Wing Ariel (retired)

Ariel, born fall, 2002, is the 2nd fourth generation champion out of CH Xanadu Beryl Ivy and CH Dunnells Tarquin. She is a substantial bitch, light sedge in color and weighs 70 pounds. Ariel has a lovely coat, short and tight, and a great head.

As a special, she has won various Best of Breed titles. Ariel now lives with her new family in the Houston area and enjoys all the love and attention.

CH Xanadu Ruby’s Ripley Believe It (2000 – 2009)

Ripley is a sedge/brown bitch, born in October, 2000, out of CH Ruby Begonia the Petite and Castlepeake’s Reo Speedwagon. She is a compact bitch with great angles and a tight short coat.

Ripley is an excellent water dog and retriever. She started showing at 6 months and received her championship in a few months.

Ripley has produced 4 litters. Her sons “Shadow”, “Houston” and “Bogie” and daughter “Lauren” are already champions and her newest pups are on their way to their championships.

Ripley has won multiple Best of Breed competitions. She is exceeding happy, is quick on her feet and loves everyone.

Ripley is OFA good/excellent and, so far, has produced all OFA excellent pups.

Sad news… we lost Ripley 11/4/09. She passed in her sleep of bloat. We will miss her terribly.

CH Xanadu Lemont Cranston

“Shadow” is our second male champion. Born 1/1/04, he is a very dark brown Chessie with a great coat. At @ and 1/2 years , he weighs 83 pounds and will probably top out at 85 pounds when he’s done growing. Shadow is out of CH Xanadu Ruby’s Ripley Believe It and CH Pond Hollow Bering Sea, (the top stud in 2004).

Shadow has great angles, a beautiful head and tremendous hind quarters. He actually out runs our Irish wolfhound, Willow.

As a special, he has already won Best of Breed and is on his way to make a name for himself.

Shadow has started hunt training and does well in the water and retrieving. We hope to have his JH soon.

At 18 months, we had a preliminary OFA on his hips, and was determined excellent.

Shadow is now with his new family in Chapel Hill, TX, living a charmed life. He is available for stud.

CH Xanadu Just Wingin’it Dina (retired)

Dina, born fall, 2002, is the third 4th generation champion out of CH Xanadu Beryl Ivy and CH Dunnells Tarquin. She is dark brown with tan points: a very rare coloration that occurs 1 in 50,000 dogs. Dina weighs about 70 pounds, has a short, dark coat, is well balanced and has a nice disposition.

Because of her unusual coloration, she is very desirable as a hunter. Dina will make a great contribution to our breeding program.

CH Xanadu Beryl Ivy (retired)

“Ivy” is our first Chesapeake Bay Retriever champion. She was bred from our brood bitch CH Ruby Begonia the Petite and CH Sandy Oak Ozark Lincoln.

Born in September, 1999, Ivy was the pick of the litter. She started showing the following July and won a 4 point major on her first outing. She is dark mahogany brown and weighs about 72 lbs..

Ivy is an excellent water dog and retriever. She loves people and children, is not dog aggressive, but protective of her home.

She has won many Best of Breed and group competitions. In 2004, She won an award of merit at Westminster from a field of 32 champions. She also has awards from various specialty shows.

Ivy has had 4 litters (38 puppies), and those progenies have achieved CH, JH and MH.

Ivy produces well balanced dogs with great hunting instincts.

Ch Xanadu Maltese Falcon Decoy

Bogie finished in Dallas 7/7/07, with a bang! He even took the breed over OZ!

Bogie is a sweet, even tempered dog. Born 11/05, has already proven himself as a great stud and produced beautiful pups with Dina. He is rock solid and when he turns 2 will probably be OFA excellent. His CERF is clear.

At 4 years, Bogie has turned into a beautiful dog; has has filled out and is an excellent stud.  He has produced 3 beautiful litters.

Bogie is available for stud.


Duke finish his championship in San Antonio at our specialty, July, 2009.

Duke is out of Houston and Ramona. He is OFA excellent, has a clear CERF and is a started hunter. He has a wonderful disposition and loves everybody. Duke is a big boy, our biggest male. We see him as a special and are excited to see what he produces as a stud.

Duke was born 3/06 and is a young male that will only get better. He is with his new family in Houston. He plays with a 3 year old girl and 9 month old boy and jogs daily with his new master. He has a wonderful life.

CH Xanadu Bacall’s Just Whistle

Lauren is a litter mate of Bogie’s. Born 11/05, lauren amazed us as a new mom with 11 beautiful pups. Timid as a young bitch, motherhood turned her into a show maniac. We finished her in San Antonio, 2009, taking the breed over the top dog in the nation and her own brother who got BOS.

Lauren has a beautiful coat, deep chocolate, a great head piece, beautiful tail and fleetness of foot. As Ripleys’s daughter, she is a real ham and loves to retrieve, swim and play. We plan to special her for a year or so before another litter.

Lauren is out of Ripley and Chesabar’s Decoy. She is OFA good.

CH Xanadu Good-bye Heart

Marylu is our is our newest champion. She looks a lot like Lauren, even though faintly related. She is dark brown, but not as dark as Lauren. She is obedient and has a gentle nature until a squirrel or rabbit appears. She is pregnant with one of our 6th generation litters and will continue showing as a special in spring, 2012.

We expect big things out of Marylu, she is a beauty with tons of personality, drive and great temperament.

CH Xanadu Mercedes Benz It Like Beckham (Sadie)

“Sadie” is the last daughter of “Ivy”. She is a wonderful dog both in the ring and out of the ring. Sadie will be bred late summer, 2013. This will be her 1st litter. Sadie has a beautiful head piece and coat.Sadie is OFA excellent. She has great angles as well. She is good with dogs and kids. Much like her mother, she is a real “ham”.



CH Star of India (Indy)

Indy is a daughter of Dallas. She is built a lot like mom, thick with a great head and beautiful front. Indy has produced 2 beautiful litters and will continue showing fall, 2013. Indy, like Dallas, is very sweet and love to lay on kids to get a belly scratch. Indy is the grand-daughter of Tonka, a National Specialty Best of Breed Winner (Chesabar kennel). She is a soft sedge and produces “rainbow” litters; always interesting. Indy has a block head and some of the judges really like that. People notice her love of people and kids in general and want one just like Indy. While all our dogs are “suck ups”, Indy does head the list.