Our Goldens

Tejas Sasquatch Sky (1993 – 2007)

“Sassy” is an eleven year old Golden retriever bitch, mother of 3 litters. She is light golden in color, has a tremendous coat and has 5 generations of champions in her pedigree.

Sassy is our second foundation bitch and has produced some wonderful champions.

Sassy is a good retriever and water dog. She is exceptional with children of all ages. She spends most of her time vying for attention and swimming.

Sassy passed away at home of natural causes with Chuck on July 12, 2007. She will be loved always.

Xanadu Diamond Lil

“Lily” is our 4 year old bitch, out of Tejas Sasquatch Sky and CH Wynde Hill’s Simply Smashing (a top 5 golden retriever 1999-2001). She is a light gold with a great head and excellent pedigree.

Lily is a wonderful water dog and retriever. She is exceptionally smart and learns quickly.

We are looking forward to an up coming litter. Lily had 9 pups, 4 females and 5 males 3/17/06.


Lily was bred to “Harley”, the 6th ranked dog in the nation in 2006. She had 1 female and 7 males 6/28/07

Lily was bred to “Henry”, another Hall of Fame dog with an excellent pedigree. Pups were born early fall, 2008, 2 males and 2 females. There was a pup stuck and we lost 7 pups. The 4 remaining were beautiful. We kept a female, Gypsy.

Lily was bred one last time to Dante’, a beautiful young stud of Mary Tatum’s. He’s on his way to his championship. He too, has an excellent pedigree. Lily had a c-section on July 26, 2009, but we only had 4; 2 males, 2 females, all lovely and very furry!